Episode 2- The Jurassic Park Trilogy

For Episode 2 of Rewatchability we turn our attention to Jurassic Park, The Lost World, and the aptly named Jurassic Park 3. Do these three movies hold together as a trilogy? Why do Velociraptors hate gymnastics? Was Jeff Goldblum ever considered a sex symbol? We attempt to answer these questions and more!

Episode 2- The Jurassic Park Trilogy

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WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.


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3 responses to “Episode 2- The Jurassic Park Trilogy

  1. Tyler

    This podcast is awesome, I love the fuck out of Jurassic Park and have watched all three of these movies a billion times so hearing all this banter and discussion about it makes me happy

    In reference to the third movie, I was hoping one of you would have mentioned the Spinosaurus vs T-rex fight. That scene really pissed me off because the T-rex is a boss and to see him killed off so quickly and easily left a sour taste in my mouth. You don’t kill the biggest star of your last two movies in 30 seconds!

    • Hey Tyler,

      You’re absolutely right about that Spinosaurus/T-Rex fight. As much as I love to see two dinosaurs battling to the death, it was a really clumsy way of raising the stakes i.e. if he can kill the T-Rex than he must be REALLY dangerous.

      And the T. Rex has become the cinematic icon of Jurassic Park; the water rippling, the eye in the car, these are the moments people remember.The Spinosaurus essentially fills the same role in the third movie but is….bigger…..and has a weird frilly thing on his spine…(sigh)

      Thanks for the comment, and we hope you keep listening.

  2. Love the podcast. I’m starting from the beginning. One aspect that you didn’t cover in the third movie was the addition of the pterosaurs in the aviary. I believe they were originally in the first book for some reason couldn’t work them in until the third movie.

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