Episode 9- The Shining vs The Shining

Nicholson vs Weber. Duvall vs De Mornay. Kubrick vs the guy who wrote Hocus Pocus. Okay, so maybe it’s not the most fair fight, but nevertheless, this week on Rewatchability we compare the 1980 horror classic The Shining with the 1997 TV mini-series of the same name. The mini-series was written by Stephen King, supposedly a response to the problems he had with the Kubrick adaptation, which King referred to as “a great big beautiful car with no engine inside it.” Is the remake an improvement? Does the guy from Wings do a good job? Which is easier to kill your family with, an axe or a croquet mallet? We attempt to answer these questions and more!

Episode 9- The Shining vs The Shining

Here’s a link to the Kubrick interview I reference in the podcast.

Also, a correction: In the podcast we refer to Mick Garris, the director of the mini-series, as the director of Hocus Pocus, in actuality he wrote the screenplay but didn’t direct the film. Sorry Mick!

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.

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