Rewatchability is a comedic pop-culture nostalgia podcast hosted by J.M. McNab, Rob Laronde, and Blain Watters. It is produced independently in Toronto, ON.

The show began in the summer of 2011, and was profiled by The A.V. Club in 2012. The aim of the show is to re-watch certain movies and television shows from when we were younger, and review them in an interesting and hopefully humourous way. Hopefully.

Rewatchability contains coarse language and immature subject matter; our main goal is to be funny, so please don’t take anything too seriously… especially you Ghost Dad.

For more about the show, check out this interview we did for VoAudio.

2 responses to “About

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  2. Danny Hernandez

    New Listener and Very interested in the primmest of the show @WhooshDannyH

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