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17 responses to “Contact

  1. Draconian Stooge

    Gee Golly Wilikers. I sure do like these podcasts you fellas put out.
    Only problem is that I can’t download anything onto my computer at work.
    Some poof in I.T said it would interfere with my productivity, but thats just what “the MAN” told him to say.

    To get around this ominous “MAN”. Can I recommend offering a streaming version on your site as well?

    I know there’s this option:

    And should this site be built on the ashes of wordpress… this:

    Looking forward to future episodes.
    Draconian Stooge

  2. Moe

    Hi guys,

    I just recently watched The Edge for the first time and kind of liked it…
    Afterwards I checked on the imdb boards about it, as I usually do. I stumbled over a link to your “analysis” and pretty much liked it!! So I watched around here for some other movies and noticed The Shining vs. The Shining. I never heard of the mini series but I know the Kubrick movie, although I couldnt get myself to watch all the way through. Had more than one attempt, but always stopped, after being somehow wierdly frightened to death and bored at the same time. What other movie can do that to you?

    Whatever – I think Im gonna give it another try sooner or later!

    Thanks for sharing your views and ideas in this very entertaining way and keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Germany

    • Hi Moe,

      We made fun of it a little, but I think we all love The Edge deep down.
      You should definitely give The Shining another try (The Kubrick one, not the mini-series), once you get into it it’s pretty fantastic.

      Thanks for listening!

  3. Michael Jacyna

    Your mention of Ninja Turtles on the Ghostbusters podcast I think obligates you to spend an entire podcast dedicated to them, considering it’s impact on our generation’s childhood… either the old cartoon series, or the live-action movies… or both?

    Ignoring them would almost be like forgetting to mention “The Beatles” in a pop-music history lesson.

    I think we’re in agreement.


    • Agreed. Yeah we’ll definitely get to those meddlesome turtles soon. I know some of us watched the first movie recently, but I want us to do the whole trilogy and maybe the cartoon.

      Thanks for listening!

      The Rewatchability gang

  4. killerbee256

    Have you guys thought about doing a podcast about “Wishbone” the PBS series? I’m not sure the effect it had in Canada but it was about as popular as where in the world is Carmon Santiago.

  5. Taiwan Jon

    Just stumbled across your podcast and have really enjoyed it. I’d suggest a review of Dumb and Dumber. Besides being a nostalgic favorite, it has some, gasp!, complexities that turn it into quiet study on male friendships…with jokes about shit and handicapped children.
    Still funny. Still holds up.
    Kick his ass Seabass,
    Taiwan Jon

  6. Anne

    Haven’t seen anything on The Princess Bride or the Back to the Future movies. I love listening to your podcasts at work. Should I be, probably not, but the addiction has started. I am a 30+ female who finds the discussions hilarious. And I love how you pick “obscure” shows that most people never heard of. Hello “Ghostwriter”! Keep it up.

    • Hey Anne,

      Thanks so much for the kind words! I’m sure we’ll do Princess Bride and BTTF at some point, it’s just going to be somewhat daunting because they’re such classics (BTTF is my favourite movie of all time).

      Thanks again for the comment and for listening,

      The Rewatchability Gang

  7. Anne

    What about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory vs Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory?

  8. Rachel

    I like the podcast, but I wish it was easier to browse through the older episodes on the web site

    • Hey Rachel, hopefully in the near future we’ll be revamping the website, until then the easiest way to find the past 30 episodes is by going directly to the RSS feed: feed:// otherwise you’ll just have to slog through the doldrums of the site until we can find a better way to consolidate a list of all our episodes.

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