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Episode 16- Star Wars Holiday Special

For the first of our holiday-themed episodes we discuss Star Wars… not the classic film, but the poorly conceived, badly-executed 1978 Christmas special. And by Christmas, I mean Life Day– the annual Wookie celebration of, well, Life I guess. It’s at least notable as being the only Star Wars story co-written by Bruce Vilanch… And for those of you who care so much about whether Han or Greedo shot first, it doesn’t matter, because Greedo’s alive! And he’s hanging out with Bea Arthur!

The Star Wars Holiday Special is clearly terrible, but is it still funny? It used to be the wacky black sheep of George Lucas’ franchise, but after three epically crappy prequels and new needlessly “special” editions of the originals, the Star Wars universe has sadly become a flock of black sheep . Is it better or worse than Episode 1? Is Jefferson Starship the Achilles heel of The Empire? Is Chewbacca a deadbeat dad? Why does animated Han look like Neil Gaiman? We attempt to answer these questions and more!

Episode 16- Star Wars Holiday Special

Next week,Thurs. Dec. 15,  we’ll be back with another festive blast of Yuletide nostalgia, whether you like it or not.

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.


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