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Top 5 Steve Buscemi Cameos That Made the Movie

1. Desperado – “His Face? No, His Eyes”

While others may credit Salma Hayek’s breasts or Antonio Banderes’ locks, Steve Buscemi is a highlight of Desperado, kicking off the flick with a wild, action infused tale of death and destruction. All with a smile on his face, and his trademark Marty Feldman-eyes. He also has a pretty good death scene. Knife in the chest!

2. The Wedding Singer – “Best man, Better man!”

No truer words were ever spoken. Buscemi, indeed, is the better man in this awkwardtastic scene with Adam Sandler. The sibling angst, the drunken drawl, the references to prostitution… makes me homesick.

3. The Big Lebowski – “Donny, You are Out of Your Element!”

Buscemi is in a lot of Coen Bros. movies (Barton Fink is on our Honorable Mentions list, and Fargo, in which he gets shot in the fucking face!). He is always superb, but in Lebowski he manages to stand out with very little screen time, and few lines. His seemingly zen ignorance, clashing with the superb force that is John Goodman’s Walter is delightful.

4. The Messenger – Buscemi Gets Serious

Two words: Buscemi spit. Oh, Goddamn.

5. Billy Madison – All Apologies

This is another Adam Sandler team-up, but beyond being one of the funnier parts of the movie, it’s the most memorable. One of the first instances where he exploited his creepiness for comedic gold. He’s in the movie for 30 seconds, but he delighted 13-year old me more than anything else on the movie.

Honorable Mentions:

Barton Fink – Chet

Things to do in Denver when You’re Dead – Mr. Shhhh

Pulp Fiction– Buddy Holly (the waiter, not the real Buddy Holly)

And of Course:

Con Air – Garland Greene

And for some Steve Buscemi OVERLOAD!:

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Episode 32- The Faculty

Ever wondered what would happen if your high-school teachers were replaced by aliens… Ever wondered what would happen if the guy who wrote Scream collaborated with the guy who directed Desperado for a loose remake of Invasion of the Body Snatchers… Ever wondered what would happen if we re-watched The Faculty and recorded a podcast about it… Yes, The Faculty! Robert Rodriguez and Kevin Williamson’s 1998 teen sci-fi thriller that makes The Breakfast Club look like, well… like someone took the characters from The Breakfast Club and put them in a 1998 sci-fi thriller. Does the movie work today? Is Josh “Pearl Harbour” Hartnett charming, or just squinty? What parallels are there between this teen flick and the acclaimed TV series Breaking Bad? Whatever happened to that Jon Stewart guy? Joined by Alexandra West, who writes the horror blog Scare Tactic, we answer these questions and more!

Episode 32- The Faculty

MUSIC: This week’s featured artist is Jay Sad

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.


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