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Episode 35- Death Becomes Her

Academy Award-winner Meryl Streep, Academy Award-winner Goldie Hawn, and the guardian of Nakatomi Plaza himself, Mr. Bruce Willis star in Back to the Future director Robert Zemekis’ 1992 dark comedy Death Becomes Her. And when we say dark, we mean dark; there’s not a single likeable character in this flick, and two thirds of the cast are undead. To us as kids in the ’90s, it seemed both edgy and hilarious, with state-of-the-art special effects. How does it play now? Can any movie that features a cameo by Fabio be taken seriously? Why is Isabella Rossellini wearing a necklace for a shirt? I repeat: a necklace for a shirt! When is it appropriate to stick a candelabra through a human torso? To answer these questions and more we’re joined by our friend Johnnie Walker! Download the episode below, or better yet, subscribe on iTunes!

Episode 35- Death Becomes Her

MUSIC: This week’s featured artist is Wendy Versus

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.

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