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Episode 22- Captain Planet and the Planeteers

Remember Captain Planet? Think carefully– you may not remember it as well as you think. For instance, I did not remember that Captain Planet traveled back in time and met Hitler. I remembered Captain Planet dealing with mainly environmental problems– pollution and littering, things of that nature , but apparently he also battled misinformation about AIDS. Yup, AIDS.  And somehow everyone who did voices for this show was famous, from Whoopi Goldberg, to Jeff Goldblum, to fucking Sting!

This week on Rewatchability we are all honorary Planeteers, as we discuss one of the most memorably un-subtle shows of our childhood, Ted Turner’s Captain Planet and the Planeteers!

Episode 22- Captain Planet and the Planeteers

WARNING: the podcast contains strong language and immature subject matter, please be advised.

Here are the links to the episodes we re-watched:

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A Formula for Hate (The one with AIDS)

A Good Bomb is Hard to Find (The one with Hitler)


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