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Episode 40- Willow

For our 40th episode of Rewatchability, we’re treating you (or disappointing you) to our fabled lost Willow podcast. Yes, Willow, Ron Howard’s 1988 fantasy film based on a story on George Lucas which was based on every other fantasy story of the past 100 years. Willow seems to be a very divisive film– some wholeheartedly embrace it (it has a wonderful lead performance by Warwick Davis) whereas others find it derivative and guilty of casting Kevin Pollack as a Tinkerbell-esque pixie. At the very least we can all agree, Val Kilmer is probably an insane person. Click on the link below to hear the episode, or better yet subscribe on iTunes! And be sure to follow us on Twitter!

Episode 40- Willow

In the episode I attest that Warwick Davis’ best friend in Willow looks like Martin Scorcese, Blain thinks I’m crazy. You be the judge, check out a side-by-side comparison below–

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